【Official】Amateur golfer Tomohiro Ishizaka use a shaft of Sankiplanaria

Amateur golfer Tomohiro Ishizaka from Yokosuka,Kanagawa prefecture.He will use a shaft 【SR63】of Sankiplanaria.

Our company supports golfers from Yokosuka.He said that

「This shaft can hit strong fade ball and there is no fear to go to the left.Therefore I look forward to using it in a game because I can expect the good distance.In addition I want to do the local contribution of same hometown Yokosuka」

He won the championship at a “Kanagawa amateur golf championship(15-17age)”in 2017.Furthermore,he won “Fuji Sankei Jr golf championship” in 2017 and he has acquired the JGTO Tour of “Fuji Sankei Classic” in this August 2018.

We support him who attracts attention as a golfer expected from Yokosuka!



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